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台湾「国民歌王」周华健 2023年世界巡回暖心启动


老灵魂新生命 「少年侠客」双主题经典演绎

一场演唱会 两面周华健 引领歌迷进入双面周华健的现代武侠奇观

台湾 “国民歌王” 周华健即将带着全新世界巡演《少年侠客》在5月20日(六)于新加坡室内体育馆开唱!演唱会名称「少年侠客」四个字,代表的正是周华健走过音乐生涯36年来的成长轨迹,更是他豁达爽朗的生活哲学!


在这次巡回演唱会中,周华健将老灵魂里灌注新生命,也因为「侠客」与「少年」两个身分永存心中并行不悖,不仅成就了这次演唱会的名称,这次演唱会更以这两个概念做串联,为歌迷献上 “双面周华健” 的「少年侠客」双主题演唱会。引领观众像翻开一本小说,上卷 “侠客行” 看新时代的经典武侠,下卷 “少年游” 听一路至今隽永的好歌绵延;旧歌提炼出新生命,新歌则听见华健的自身领悟,一场层次丰富的音乐飨宴。整体舞台也将配合上下卷呈现截然不同的设计,将现代武侠奇观,与日常的音乐场景交错,极致线条与虚实元素变换,有如一次观赏两场演唱会,两面周华健,曲目成双,心意成双,听好听满,史无前例!

Live Nation is thrilled to announce Wakin Chau, Taiwan’s “National Singer” will be bringing his brand-new world tour to Singapore on 20 May at Singapore Indoor Stadium. The tour title “Shao Nian Xia Ke” is a representation of Wakin Chau's 36-year music career and his positive philosophy of life!

During his debut in the 90s, Wakin was the voice behind the theme songs of numerous popular classic heroic dramas, and to this day, his youthful and optimistic approach on life has left a deep impression on his fans. Wakin’s new album, "The Younger Me”, expresses his experiences as well as his new understanding of life after turning fifty, conveying eternal passion and pure heartedness towards music which will be shared with his fans on stage. He is still the boy who loves to sing, someone who cares for his fans, and is a friend who is always there.

For this tour, Wakin will inject new life into his old songs with two different concepts of "hero" and "youth", presenting a double-themed concert. Fans will be treated to a rich and unforgettable musical feast with a blend of classical martial arts and Wakin’s timeless and beautiful songs!

Wakin Chau’s Official Channels: WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | WEIBO | YOUTUBE

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20 May 2023
8:00 PM
Singapore Indoor Stadium

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