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In celebration of his 20th anniversary, multi-hyphenate JJ Lin embarked on a brand new “JJ20” World Tour that has taken him around the globe. Come August 24th, JJ Lin will perform for the first time ever in Jakarta at the Indonesia Arena, the 66th stop of JJ20!

Ahead of the show, JJ shares his innermost thoughts: “To be able to make Jakarta one of the stops for the JJ20 World Tour and finally get to perform live for my many fans who have quietly supported me over the years is just unbelievable and incredibly exciting, I hope my fans haven’t waited for too long! I am looking forward to meeting all of you and let’s have a blast then!”

Dubbed Singapore’s greatest music export and one of Mandopop’s top acts, JJ Lin has, in his career spanning 21 years, released 15 studio albums, produced over 30 singles and countless music collaborations. JJ’s music has impacted generations, since the cassette tape and CD era, to the digital streaming age today. Over the years, his music has not only been a beacon of warmth and love, but also a unifying force of positivity and a strength for his fans.

The JJ Lin “JJ20” World Tour is a highly anticipated live musical experience that celebrates JJ’s 21 years of music, also a testament to his music legacy, a special gift for his fans. Be ready and be dazzled as JJ Lin presents an upgraded JJ Lin 2.0 to the world!


出道20 周年, 亚洲全能唱作天王JJ 林俊杰将于 8 月 24 日踏上雅加达 Indonesia Arena舞台呈现《林俊杰JJ20 世界巡回演唱会》。雅加达场次不仅是 JJ20巡演的第 66 场,更是JJ 林俊杰首次在雅加达开唱!

对此,JJ 林俊杰分享了自己的心情:“能在出道成年的第 21 个年头首次来到雅加达和这么多年来一直在默默支持我的歌迷朋友们见面,心中真的是无比的兴奋和期待!希望自己没有让你们等太久。我们到时候一定要好好的聚一聚,唱个够!”

被誉为新加坡的骄傲,也是华人乐坛最顶级艺人之一的JJ 林俊杰出道至今已步入 21 年,发行了 15 张专辑,超过 30 首单曲与无数合作歌曲。随着科技的发展,这些音乐与青春一起从卡带到 CD 再汇入数位音乐,陪着许许多多的歌迷们走过生活中的起起落落,也共同见证了彼此的成长。JJ 的音乐不仅是一代人的集体回忆、更是新一代人最美好的无限延伸,总能将心灵破碎的拼凑完整。

这些年来,JJ 林俊杰站上超过百场演唱会舞台。每场都是多少眼泪的汇集地,又是多少情感的交集,有无数灵魂在这发光,也有无限感动在此发酵,是多少观众的声音一起将故事写成了我们,成就了林俊杰。

21 年岁月,JJ 林俊杰不曾离开, JJ 也准备好了在舞台上继续散发音乐能量,迎接崭新的 JJ 时代!这次不止是 “JJ20” 也是 “JJ2.0”。

Date & Time Location Description
24 August 2024
7:00 PM
Indonesia Arena, GBK, Jakarta

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