Wang Leehom ‘Descendants of the Dragon 2060’ World Tour in Malaysia

Wang Leehom ‘Descendants of the Dragon 2060’ World Tour in Malaysia
王力宏《龙的传人2060》世界巡回演唱会 ~ 马来西亚站

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16th March 2019
8:00PMStadium MerdekaTicket Pricing: RM898, RM798, RM598, RM498, RM388, RM288, RM198

Ticketing Hotline: +603 9222 8811 or

Leehom will be making a return to Malaysia in 2019 with his ongoing ‘Descendants of the Dragon 2060’ World Tour.

Leehom’s music have been considered as a connection between those who are born in the 80s , 90s, and the 00s. Older generation loves to sing ‘Descendants of the Dragon’, while couples who are still madly in love will hum to ‘Yi Ran Ai Ni’. There is a saying that every song has a certain memory in one’s period of time. Whenever its resonances, it awakens those memories and emotions.

Since his debut in the Chinese music industry 22 years ago, Leehom have been regarded for his musical talent. Even though he has received western education since young, it could be for his fondness with his origins, Leehom has always had a special affection for Chinese culture and pop music.

Concert title ‘Descendants of the Dragons 2060’ signifies that in every year of the dragon, Leehom will make an adaptation of the song ‘Descendants of the Dragons’, till year 2060. Since his first adaptation of ‘Descendants of the Dragons’, promoting Chinese culture and pop music has deeply rooted into Leehom’s heart. Leehom once said in an interview “every artist has to know, what he wishes to express through his work.’ Whether it is through the creation of Chinked-out (Chinese hip-hop) or boldly blending Western pop music with various ethnic elements, Leehom has been insistent in creating and striving to close the gaps of time and space, to allow more people to get in contact, to understand and to accept Chinese pop music culture.

7 years later, Leehom will once again bring his Bahamut back on stage in Malaysia. This time round there will be subtler musical sentiments. ‘Descendants of the Dragons 2060’ assure in bringing you a totally different Leehom from what you remembered him as.




《龙的传人2060》寓意着以后的每一次龙年,王力宏都会对《龙的传人》进行一次改编,直到2060年。从第一次改编《龙的传人》开始,“弘扬华流”的种子便一直深扎在王力宏的心底。他曾在《经典咏流传》中谈到:“每一个艺术家一定要知道,他所创作出的东西究竟想表达什么。” 无论是创造Chinked-out华人嘻哈曲风,还是在西方流行音乐中大胆融入大量民族元素,王力宏都一直在坚持创作,努力「跨越时空壁垒」,让更多的西方人接触、了解并接受中华流行音乐文化。

睽违七年,王力宏再次带着巴哈姆特回到马来西亚舞台上。这次“火力全开” 的舞台风格,增添多了一些含蓄内敛的音乐感悟剖白。时光流转,《龙的传人2060》将带给你一个与记忆中不一样的王力宏。

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